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I've finally found it!

"Yes. The perfect avocado tool. And I've tried many since Avocados are one of my favorite foods. Once you get your avocado open and the seed removed, it's smooth sailing! That's the best way to describe it - smooth. No sharp edges. No awkward handles or procedures."

1. Slip the wire in between the skin and the flesh (at either end but I've found that starting at the narrow end works best for me).

2. Apply a measured amount of pressure to deform the wire to the shape of your avocado.

3. Pull the Avoloop towards you adjusting the pressure to follow the shape (easier to do than describe - you'll be on auto-pilot after your first or second use).

4. Turn your hand over and out pops your your favorite food ready for slicing, dicing, mushing, or squoushing. Really love this tool.

NOTE: I have not tried Avaloop on other suggested foods but should work as well on any that have a flexible rind/skin and softish flesh."

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