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Fantastic Kitchen Tool

"Full disclosure, I know the inventor of the Avoloop and bought (yes, I paid for them :) several directly long before they were available nationwide. I've kept two and given the others as gifts. Everyone enjoys using it as a safer alternative to a knife for so many things, but especially on avocado and mango. I am an experienced cook, with advanced knife wielding skills and not prone to purchasing "gadgets”, and I still find the Avoloop a handy addition to my kitchen."

Here are a few things I use it for on a regular basis:

  • Seeding papaya

  • Seeding cucumbers for stuffing

  • Cleaning bell peppers

  • Cleaning beefsteak tomatoes for stuffing

  • Seeding and peeling cantaloupe, honeydew, any other melon

  • Separating the "goop" inside a pumpkin from the side walls of the beast making scooping out the guts a breeze

"If you cringe every time you try to extract the flesh from an avocado and just avoid fresh mango all together because of the difficulty in preparation, splurge and get yourself an Avoloop."

"Kid friendly and you won't need a trip to the ER to stitch up any fingers!"

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